It seems like the Panorama Panthers are a team of extremes.  In their last four games, three have been decided by at least a 38 point differential.  46 to 6 over Guthrie Center in their season opener, getting skunked by St. Albert in Council Bluffs 0 to 41, and their most recent victory over Nodaway Valley 44 to 6.  And with such a wide scoring gap, one has to wonder, which side of the coin will the Panthers be on tonight?

Coach Lyle Alumbaugh is optimistic.  “Our preparation for this game is not very much different than the last game.  A lot of the things that we did last week, we are going to have in the game plan again.”

The Panthers are taking on the Missouri Valley Big Reds this week—a team who, on paper, looks shockingly similar to Panorama.  Both teams are 2-2 on the season and have one win in their league.  The Big Reds also share the big time point differentials.  Three of their last four games were decided by at least 35 points.  Sound familiar?

“What we’ve seen on film is a real good set of skilled people…they are big up front and some guys that can play defense,” says Alumbaugh.  “The quarterback is real mobile.”

This should be a great game for the Panthers to prove to themselves that they can string multiple wins together.  But with an opponent that seems to be their veritable doppelganger, it will all come down to which team is better prepared for what should be extremely, evenly matched play.

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