It sounds like the Perry gun range issue won’t be solved in the near future.

Mayor Jay Pattee says he still hasn’t seen a proposed agreement from Police Chief Dan Brickner, so the matter won’t be discussed at Monday’s City Council meeting.

Pattee closed down the range earlier this month after waiting several months for a proposal that addressed concerns about hours of operation, usage costs and environmental cleanup.  Pattee says he wants to reopen the range as soon as possible but not before these issues are addressed.


Another thing the Perry Police Department is doing is offering finger printing for area residents.  Any parents who wish to have their child’s fingerprints on record can do so at the police department for a cost $10.  Adults are also welcome to put their prints on record as well.  Mayor Pattee says in light of the missing eastern Iowa girls this summer, parents and law enforcement are doing more to try and prevent such tragedies from happening to them.  Fingerprinting can be set up by calling the Perry Police Department at 465-4636.

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