Greene County Sheriff News Release

November 19, 2012


11/19   At 10:17 am, a deputy assisted with traffic control at 220th and E Avenue for a funeral procession

At 10:52 am, the sheriff checked a junk vehicle in Churdan and issued a junking certificate to the owner so he could dispose of it

At 6:12 pm, a deputy checked the report of a stalled garbage truck at 220th and S Avenue but it was gone

At 6:28 pm, a deputy checked careless driving in Grand Junction, the vehicle was not located but the caller had identified the driver so the deputy will locate him and speak to him

At 8:00 pm, Jessica L. Waddell, 31, of Jefferson was booked into the county jail after an arrest by Jefferson police on a warrant for Probation Violation, she remains held

At 8:46 pm, a deputy stopped a vehicle in Scranton which had failed to stop for a stop sign. The vehicle pulled into its residence and the driver’s father came outside and began to yell and threaten the deputy. The deputy arrested Jon M. Bushman, 34, of Scranton for Public Intoxication, Disorderly Conduct, Harassment of a Public Official and Interference with Official Acts, he remains held

At 9:21 pm, a deputy assisted with a stalled vehicle on 240th east of J Avenue


In all cases when a defendant has been charged, this is merely an accusation, and   all defendants are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

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