West Central Co-op in Ralston has been named one of the largest in America.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has compiled a list of the top 100 largest agricultural cooperatives for the 2011 year and West Central comes in at number 69.  Chief Executive Officer Jeff Stroburg says “the top 100 listing is a comprehensive list of thriving agricultural businesses committed to the success of famers nationwide.”  He says it’s an honor to be listed among these organizations and they’re pleased that commitment to customers and members is mirrored in success.

The annual report reflects the sales accomplishments of these organizations for the previous year.  According to the USDA, nationally sales for agricultural co-ops increased an average of 30% last year over 2010, due to high grain prices.

West Central is a farmer owned cooperative that is known both nationally and internationally.  The Ralston corporate headquarters acts as the hub for the company’s trade territory and markets products throughout North America and several other counties.

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