Fall will soon start to fade away and we’ll welcome winter in less than a month.  This time of year a big question on many people’s minds is what kind of cold weather season are we going to have.  And that’s just what we asked State Climatologist Harry Hillaker.

“My best guess at the moment would be something fairly close to normal in temperatures, which still has a lot of variability this time of year.  Certainly a colder winter than last year, but probably not as cold as we had two years ago” says Hillaker.

Hillaker says there was a solid trend prior to last year’s warm winter, and we might be going back to that pattern.

“We did have a stretch of four rather cold and snowy winters in a row, right before last winter. So it might be a little more similar to what we saw in earlier winters instead of what last winter was like.”

According to the National Climatic Data Center, the last 332 months have seen average temperatures higher than normal… that’s more than 27 years.

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