Iowa law enforcement agencies across the state are currently participating in the sTEP or special Traffic Enforcement Program.  Beginning on Monday, November 19th, and ending on Sunday, November 25th, its an effort to keep motorists safe by buckling up, obeying the posted speed limits and not drinking and driving.

Raccoon Valley Radio spoke with Jefferson Police Chief Dave Morlan and Morlan points out that incidents are very frequent during this time of year.  “Over holiday weekends there generaly is an increase in accidents and other traffic violations, OWIs, that sort of thing,” Morlan notes, “And that is due to the increase traffic due to the holidays.”

Police Chief Morlan did want to establish that the Jefferson Police Department is not participating in the sTEP program due to any problems or needs in the area.  “Its more of a preventative measure,” Morlan explains,” Where we increase traffic enforcement to try to deter accidents and that sort of thing.”

The Perry Police Department is not participating in the sTEP enforcement program this year, but Perry Police Chief Dan Brickner explained that was due to the department currently being understaffed.

The last sTEP wave in Iowa took place over August and September and reported over 34,000 contact with traffic violators.  The next sTEP wave is slated for March 14th through the 17th of 2013.

Raccoon Valley Radio would like to remind motorists to be safe and obey traffic laws at all times and especially over this weekend with increased traffic on the roads.

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