National home sales were up 2% his past month and 10% over the past year.

The upward trend has been occurring here in the Perry area as well.  Bob Nevitt of Nevitt Realty in Perry says he expects the trend to continue for a year or two.

“This year has been good, and it’s picking up even more so at the end of the year.  Experts I’ve listened to and talked to at the state convention it seems that we would probably be looking in 2013 and 2014 for some really good markets” says Nevitt.

Nevitt says it’s not just first time buyers that are driving the home sales in Perry…

“I’d says it’s a good mix of buyers we have.  From first time homebuyers to people that are moving up.”

If the trend continues in the local market as predicted, Nevitt has growing concerns for the buyers looking to upgrade

“One of the problems I can see arising is that no one is building anything.  Very few housing starts this year and I don’t look for a lot next year.  So if people don’t start building in this town I think we’ll be looking at a housing shortage in, I would say, the next three years.”

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