Greene County Sheriff News Release

December 3, 2012


12/03   At 7:00 am, Neal C. Pritchard, 37, of Boone was booked into the county jail serving a

At 8:50 am, Gary L. Hingeley, 46, of Glidden was booked into the county jail and then transported to the Oakdale Prison Receiving Center by a deputy after being sentenced to a five year term for Possession of Firearms as a Felon and two years for Burglary 3rd Degree

At 2:49 pm, a deputy was advised of harassment in Churdan from a Twitter account which the caller was advised not to open or respond to if they didn’t like what was written on it

At 3:25 pm, Colby D. Onnen, 19, of Perry was booked into the county jail after an arrest and transport by a deputy from Guthrie County on a warrant for Failure to Appear for a Pretrial Conference on a Burglary 3rd Degree charge that was filed by Jefferson police, remains held with a hold for Dallas County

At 4:59 pm, a deputy investigated a trespass complaint in the 2200 Block of 320th Street. A van was found by the owner of the property parked near a fuel barrel with no one around it. The van was impounded along with a variety of tools in it.

At 5:18 pm, a deputy checked a trespass complaint in the area of Pounds Pits near T Avenue by hunters


In all cases when a defendant has been charged, this is merely an accusation, and   all defendants are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

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