Over the past couple of weeks, the Greene County Sheriff’s department has been handling several calls about unwanted solicitation.  Green County Sheriff Tom Heater says that the service that his department keeps receiving calls about is a vacuum business called Kirby Vacuums.  He says the door-to-door salesmen enter people’s houses during non-business hours and then argues with the owners about not leaving.

He points out that the department can write the solicitors a violation for trespassing on private property, but since the business is an established, legitimate business, they can’t do much more than that to keep Kirby from harassing residents.

“Well, I can’t bar them from the county, they generally are licensed through the state and the county does not have any type of ordinance which makes them registered here in the county.”

On Friday, Sheriff Heater said that one caller at the 2000 Block of L Avenue in Jefferson complained about a Kirby salesman not leaving his property and the caller threatened to get his shotgun if the salesman wouldn’t leave and he did before the authorities arrived on the scene.

With an solicitor, if you asked them to leave and the problem continues, then you need to notify the authorities immediately.

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