On a sunny December Saturday, the city of Jefferson had its official ribbon-cutting ceremony dedication for the renovated downtown square.  In attendance was Mayor Craig Berry, City Administrator Mike Palmer, city council members and chamber members.

A public gathering watched as Mayor Berry cut the ribbon and made his speech dedicating all the improvements to the city square.  He said that when this project started seven years ago, he wanted to make sure that the money was in place before anything else happened.  The big push for the project came in 2008 when then new City Administrator Mike Palmer came onboard.

“When Mike Palmer came in in 2008, when of the first things I told Mike, we had donations that were already in place and I said, ‘we are either going to do something or we’re going to give the donations back.’ We got Tom Latham to get some fund money for us so yeah it all worked together for us.”

Jefferson has had some major changes just in the last couple of months.  With the town square getting updated and the new bridge on Highway 4, Jefferson is a more attractive looking town.  Mayor Berry is thankful for the patience of not only the citizens but the businesses during the construction and he hopes that with new curbs, light poles and sidewalks that the Jefferson Main Street program will carry on into the actual businesses and the buildings themselves to complete the downtown overhaul.

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