The Jefferson-Scranton School Board met in its regular work session last night.  The board heard various updates from vocational teachers about how their programs are going and how the board can continue to improve them.  The vocational teachers were deciding on a process that included data gathering to see how much student development would increase now that students have more options to take to help them better prepare for their careers.

The vocational staff reflected to the board that having a trimester system in place gives them the opportunity to be able to take their students out to a career field and see firsthand what a job would entail and be able to get back to school in time for their next class.  They also discussed different possibilities to offer extra classes or incentives outside the normal school day.

Another main topic of discussion was about the reorganization vote.  The board decided to compile a fact sheet and then the next step will be how best to distribute it so people understand the facts of what the vote will be about come Tuesday, February 5th.  The next school board meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, December 19th at 5:15pm in the South Grade Building.

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