Synthetic cannabinoid, a series of chemicals used in popular drugs such as K-2 or Spice along with drug paraphernalia was seized by Jefferson Police officers at the residence of 502 South Walnut Street on Monday.

Police Chief Dave Morlan says that they had probable cause to obtain a search warrant and found the illegal substances at that residence.  He says that the synthetic cannabinoid has similar effects to marijuana.

On July 10, 2012, President Barak Obama signed into law banning synthetic drugs across the country.  However, Chief Morlan says that the makers of synthetic drugs change the chemicals they use all the time and lawmakers are constantly trying to adjust its laws to keep up with those changes.

Its typically marketed and used as an incense, but people tend to smoke it to get the full effect.  Chief Morlan reports that this drug is very popular among high school kids and there were cases in the past where kids around Greene County have ended up in the hospital for abusing the drug.

All the seized items will be taken to the Division of Criminal Investigation Criminalistics Laboratory in Ankeny later this month for further testing.

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