The Perry Jayette basketball team heads into tomorrow night’s non conference matchup with Knoxville trying to snap a 2 game losing skid.  The Jayettes are 14-5 on the season but have lost 3 of their last 4 games and a big reason for their recent struggles have been foul trouble.  Veteran Head Coach Mike Long has become frustrated and is frantically trying to get the message across to his team.



“This is something that I remind them of each and every day.  We talk about it in practice, we talk about it in the huddle, we talk about it at the quarter breaks, we talk about it at halftime, we talk about it during video prep…I’m tired of talking about it with them.  They are dumb fouls that even bad refs can call.  We have to stop it.”

The veteran skipper wants to find a balance between aggressive play and silly fouls.



“I want our kids to be aggressive but the fouls we have been committing our just flat out dumb.  They’re dumb Shawn.  They have to realize that they put our team in a bad position each and every night by having to sit and not play. ”


You can listen to Perry and Knoxville tomorrow night beginning at 7:30 with the Perry HyVee pregame show.

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