Recently, the mental health department of Greene, Guthrie and Audubon counties regionalized with Dallas and Warren counties.

It is the hope of the state legislature to equalize services across Iowa.  The House passed a bill for transition dollars of $11.6 million for 26 counties that didn’t have a zero fund balance before the end of the this fiscal year on June 30th.

Greene County Central Point Coordinator Diane Jackson says Greene County won’t receive any funding because they are already at a zero fund balance.  However, Jackson points out the Guthrie County will receive $122,708 and that Dallas and Warren Counties may receive funding as well.

Jackson states that regionalization will not impact employment reductions in Greene and Guthrie Counties.  She is hopeful that services and won’t be reduced based on anticipated expenditures and levy amounts.

This next fiscal year, July 1, 2013, Greene, Guthrie and Audubon Counties will have a property tax levy for mental health services of $47.28 per capita.  Jackson notes that state funding has been cut again for this next fiscal year and if she wants state funding, she has to submit a request for “core plus” services which will be based on evidence to receive state dollars.

Greene County currently provides funding for psychiatric/medication services, therapy services, work services, supported community living services, community support services, involuntary/voluntary in-patient psychiatric hospitalizations, mental health advocate services, and some transportation services. Other services are provided on a case by case basis. The eligibility guidelines for county mental health services are for individuals at or below 150% of poverty.

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