Concerns for public and officer safety on the road were raised after an accident involving a Des Moines police officer was struck by a vehicle during a traffic stop earlier this week.

Greene County Sheriff Steve Haupert gives his reaction and offers the public reminders of officer safety on the roads.

“It’s very unfortunate but it happens all the time.  We just wish that drivers would be aware that when we are doing traffic stops or helping people out of the ditch whether it be wreckers or safety vehicles of ambulances or anything that they just slow down and give us plenty of space.”

Sheriff Haupert says its been a problem this winter with people not taking precautions when seeing a stopped officer vehicle on the side of the road.  He adds that if you see the flashing lights of a law enforcement vehicle to pull over to the other side of the road or into another lane if no on-coming traffic is present at the time.

Haupert notes that traffic stops on the highway with high speeds is a dangerous situation to be in and if the public can take these precautions then everyone stays safe on the roads.

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