Today is your last day for the silent basket auction at Jefferson Telecom to help raise funds for the Relay for Life of Greene County.

Spokesperson Mary Jo Koch talks about the fundraising idea and how much she’s hoping to raise.

“We’ve haven’t ever done this before, so don’t have an idea of how much we can raise.  Again, I’m hoping for between $500-$1,000.  I might be dreaming big here but because it’s a good cause, I really hope that our Greene County supporters will step out and enjoy supporting the cause and helping us out.”

The different baskets are donated from several local area businesses.  Koch comments that  this is their first time sponsoring a fundraising event like this, so they limited it to 10 baskets for the public to bid on.  You can stop into Jefferson Telecom to place your bid or on their Facebook page.   The auction will end at 5:30pm today.

And don’t forget that today is the last day for the kiss-a-pig contest featuring different community and government leaders including Jefferson Mayor Craig Berry.  Visit local establishments to place your money in the person’s jar who you want to see kiss-a-pig.

Proceeds are each event will go to the Relay for Life of Greene County.


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