The results from kiss-a-pig and silent basket auction fundraisers have been released by Jefferson Telecom.

Organizer Mary Jo Koch says they received $192 from kiss-a-pig contest and over $625 from the silent basket auction.  Monday night was the ceremony for the winner of the kiss-a-pig contest by the Bell Tower in Jefferson where the public watched Police Chief Dave Morlan kiss a pig.

All proceeds went to Relay for Life of Greene County.

Koch comments that she’s happy they hit their goal of over $500 for the silent basket auction but was a little disappointed that they couldn’t get more for the kiss-a-pig contest.  She points out one reason is because of scheduling conflicts, they couldn’t get more baskets out to various locations around Greene County.

However, she is very happy with the results overall and wants to extend a thank you to the public and those who volunteered to be a part of kiss-a-pig.

Koch adds that she’s already planning for next year to have Jefferson Telecom work with the school district with kiss-a-pig.

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