The Jefferson Water Department will begin flushing water mains next week.

Starting Monday, April 8th through April 9th various parts of Jefferson will have its water main flushed.

On Monday from 8am-11:45am, McKinley Street north to Highway 30 (West and East of Highway 4) and Clark Street south to Adams Street (West and East of Highway 4) will be flushed.  Next will be Washington Street south to Lincoln Way (from Highway 4 going west to Grimmell Road) and East Lincoln Way (from Cedar Street going East to the airport) from 1-4pm on Monday.  And from 10pm-2am will be Washington Street south to Harrison Street (from Highway 4 going East to Cedar Street).

Low water pressure may be experienced while flushing occurs.  A brown discoloration may also occur during and a few hours after the water mains are flushed.

Water Department Supervisor Thomas Schilling wants to assure Jefferson residents that the discoloration is from the iron in the water lines and is safe to drink.

Listen to Raccoon Valley Radio for more announcements relating to water main flushings in Jefferson.

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