The Greene County Community Foundation’s annual grant award and donor recognition event is tonight.

The funds for the grants come from Iowa’s gaming revenues and are distributed to non-gaming Iowa counties like Greene County.  GCCF President Tim Heisterkamp says that of the approximately $110,000 there were over $300,000 in requests that had to be narrowed done.

Heisterkamp explains why they have a grant award night.

“The grantmaking process has turned pretty competitive this year.  These are funds that the state does give away from gambling proceeds and our foundation has been built up also by donations that people in Greene County have given.  You look at these as public funds and you want to make sure you’re a good steward of those and so we want to make it very public and transparent on who’s getting the money and what the money is being used for.”

The grants will benefit nonprofit groups and government organizations in the county.

The public is invited to join GCCF in knowledging the recipients and donors at the Fellowship Hall of First United Methodist Church in Jefferson tonight at 7pm.

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