Wednesday, May 29th

A deputy checked an unattended vehicle at 230th Street and U Avenue. It was determined that the car was experiencing mechanical failure.

A deputy responded to an alarm activation at 800 Perceival East in Grand Junction.

A deputy was advised of a theft of iron from a farm building site in the 180th block of A Avenue.

A deputy responded to the report of burning rubber at a residence in Grand Junction.

A deputy reported sighting a Blue Heeler and a smaller red dog running at large in the 300th block of R Avenue.

Several Greene County deputy’s, Grand Junction Fire and Rescue and Grand Junction Utility  personnel responded to the 9th Street Union Pacific Railroad crossing in Grand Junction for a signal bungalow structure fire. It was reported that lightning had struck the building and the structure was fully engulfed in flames upon the arrival of the fire department. The signal structure was reported to be a total loss.

The Greene County Sheriff’s Office received several calls as to water over the roadway at several locations throughout the county.

A deputy was dispatched to Rippey for the report of an intoxicated minor. The youth was transported to the Dallas County Hospital by the juvenile’s aunt. Greene County deputies are investigating the incident.

A deputy was advised of a careless driver on Highway 30 east of Jefferson. The vehicle was not located by deputies at that time.

A deputy responded to a dog running at large in Rippey. The dog was located and the owner secured the animal.

In all cases when a defendant has been charged, this is merely an accusation, and all defendants are presumed innocent until proven guilty.


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