The Perry Bluejay football team will open up the 2013 season today with their first official practice.  During the off-season, the Iowa High School Athletic Association changed the way teams can practice with the interest of kids safety.  One of the changes was to eliminate two-a-day practices.  Typically, teams practice twice a day to beat the Iowa summer heat but now teams must pick one slot and go with it.  Perry Head Coach Jason Olenjzack was disappointed with the rule change because the coaches  in the state always have the players health first and foremost.

“I know as a group, the football coaches in the state all have their kid’s health as a top priority.  The athletic director, the coaches, our staff always monitor the weather and if the heat is a problem, we take more water breaks, we go without pads, we even cut back on conditioning.  The point is whatever it takes to make sure the kids are safe.  In this day and age, if there were health concerns, kids would tell their parents and the parents certainly wouldn’t sit back.  One thing is does it that it levels the playing field.  Everybody will be going by the same rules now.  I just wish the individual schools had the final say on how to handle the situation.”

Perry’s first game will be Friday, August 30th when they host Greene County at Dewey Field.

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