For Greene County High School junior Landon Braun the basketball season never really ends. A starter last winter as a sophomore for the Rams, Braun spends nearly every day of every month of every year shooting the basketball and working on other skills involved with the game. Plus, he runs cross-country and track & field for the Rams. Braun was asked how many days a year he doesn’t work on basketball and he replied, “Two or three.” There are at least seven major holidays each year, which means he’s working on his game during most of those as well.

Since cross-country practice has begun, Braun said he attends practice for that sport at 7 a.m., then works on basketball later in the day. When school starts on Aug. 21 his schedule will change a little, as it does on the days of cross-country meets. “On days of meets I go to the Greene County Community Center early in the morning and shoot before school. The meets are after school and depending when we get home and what I’ve done that day I may put in some late night shooting at the middle school with my Dad.” Landon’s mother and father, Kim and Tom, are both teachers in Jefferson.


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