ADMAs the early fall sports season gets underway at ADM high school, volunteers are constantly needed to make sure both the athletic programs and events are ran smoothly.

Tigers Athletic Director Doug Gee explains that due to limit school funds, having volunteer coaches are critical to the success of athletic programs.

“The school only has X-amount of money to pay assistant coaches and so when you can get some people in the community that are willing to go get their coach authorization and volunteer their time to help out the kids and the programs that’s really critical.”

He uses football as an example that when you have upwards of 80 kids expected to participate, it helps to have extra coaches on hand.

“It helps to have two or three volunteers and so for the last few years, I know that coach Wishner has gotten a few volunteers and he’s working to get a few more which will definitely help.”

Gee points out that he could always use volunteers for scoring keeping, ticket sells or anything other jobs that people could help run for events to call his office at 515-993-4819.


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