Greene County Community CenterThe Jefferson Parks and Recreation Board met yesterday in regular session.

During a discussion about replacing a refrigerator at the swimming pool, board member Larry Teeples said he would donate a refrigerator that he had in his possession.

The Board approved naming Greene County Sheriff Steve Haupert as its new chair and Mary Pederson as vice-chair of the Board.  Director Vicky Lautner recognized out-going chair Heather Ruzicka for her year as chair.

Wellness Supervisor Simone Lang discussed replacing the flooring for the entire upstairs level of the Greene County Community Center.  He said that he is looking for quotes to get for the entire upstairs and then pairing down individual areas.  Lang suggested possibly getting a rubber material floor for the weightlifting section due to the extra wear and tear of the floor from the weights.  No action was taken on the topic.

During a discussion about Greene County Health Providers, the Board voted to charge the organization its regular non-profit hourly rate of $20 per hour to use their meeting room for their monthly meetings.

The Board also approved renewing its contract with Danielle Ross to use part of the rec center for massage therapy.  She paid $3,915 in rent and $495.50 to use the rec center’s washer and dryer last year.

Lautner brought up changes that will need to be made to the JPRD budget before it can be finally submitted and considered by the City Council.


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