Panorama-Panthers-Picture11Panorama High School concludes its “Snowcoming” fundraising week today with a canned food drive to support the Panora Food Pantry.

Student Council Advisor Kylee Boettcher told Raccoon Valley Radio earlier this week that is the goal of her students to fill up four shopping carts with food during school today and at tonight’s basketball games.

No matter if they hit that goal or not though, Superintendent Kathy Elliot says she’s proud of what Student Council has accomplished with “Snowcoming” the past two years.

“I think one thing that our Student Council does really well is they really work to do something that turns it into a fun event but use it for a very good purpose, which is to do fundraising.  By turning into a (fundraising event), it becomes community service oriented rather than just about kids having another chance for a dance.”

Elliot says she is happy “Snowcoming” allows local organizations to benefit from Panorama’s charitable efforts, but she feels her students are the ones truly benefitting.

“It helps to promote in our students that strong, community oriented approach.  We just have a great focus here on that and our kids do a great job with it.  And it really does go back to the leadership of Kylee Boettcher and our Student Council–we have a really strong (community service) culture here.”

Boettcher and members of Student Council will cap off “Snowcoming” week at halftime of tonight’s boys basketball game, when a local community member is recognized for their service and commitment to the Panorama School District.

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