Have you made reservations for lunch next Wednesday yet?

The Perry Area Chamber of Commerce’s first Lunch and Learn event of 2014 takes place at noon at the Dallas County Hospital.

Registered nurse Sally Swenson will lead the Better Choices, Better Health presentation, which chamber executive director Bob Wilson says offers some simple tips to improve your life.

“It just talks about making easier choices to make your life a little bit healthier.  It’s based on this Stanford study and all this, I could rattle off all the statistics but it doesn’t really matter.  What matters is we all could be a little healthier and when we are a little healthier we are more productive and in turn we can get more work done or have more time with our families and all that” says Wilson.

In addition to learning new health tips and enjoying lunch, Wilson says the primary goal of these events is to network with other local professionals.

“These are very low pressure events.  Very low key but very informative and I really think they’re great for not only if you’re the manager or the boss but your employees and everyone else as well. So these are open to the public as well as chamber members so come on out, we have a few things we’re going to talk about that day chamber related as well.”

Tickets are $10 for chamber members or $15 for non-members.  To reserve your spot, stop by the chamber office or call 465-4601 by Monday.

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