Greene County RamsA pre-registration event is coming up this week for the Greene County School District.

Superintendent Tim Christensen says they will be having a pre-registration sign-up for their four year-old preschool program and possibly a three year-old program.

Currently, both East Greene and Jefferson-Scranton School Districts offers a state-funded four year-old program for free.  However, parents in the Jefferson-Scranton district pay for a three year-old program called Pi-Pipers and East Greene offers a free three year-old program with funding from the district.

At a previous Greene County School Board meeting, the topic of having a tuition-based three year-old program for next school year was discussed and Christensen decided to hold both a four and three year-old pre-registration day on Wednesday, March 26th.

Any child four years-old by September 15th is eligible to sign up for the free program.

“As apart of that pre-registration for four year-olds, also looking at having an interest survey or basically a pre-registration as well for parents that may be interested in a three year-old program.  Going to collect that data and then based off that making a decision of whether offering a three year-old program is something the Greene County School District wants to do.”

Any child three years-old by September 15th would be eligible for the program.

Currently, about 15 kids are in the East Greene three year-old program and 14 are with the Jefferson-Scranton program.

Pre-registration for both will take place from 1:30-5:30pm at the Jefferson-Scranton Elementary School.  Parents will be asked to fill out a form indicating their interest in either program for their child.


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