ADMThe ADM boys track team hasn’t competed in a meet for almost two weeks now, and the Tigers still have yet to compete outdoors.

That will change Friday though, when ADM runs against Winterset at Winterset High School.

Head coach Mike Whisner says he’s been working with some of his younger athletes the past couple weeks to find sprinters that can round out a couple of the Tigers’ relay teams.  He’s also been pushing all of his athletes to improve with their conditioning.

“The biggest thing is (improving) our conditioning because it is really tough to work on that indoors.  And so we’ve had a week, week and a half to work on being able to run multiple races.  Indoors we try to keep them at one or two races, but outdoors, (they’re) running four races.  So, improving our overall conditioning and getting prepared to run multiple races has been our focus.”

The boys’ conditioning level will be put to the test starting with Friday’s meet at Winterset, and things get busy after that.  Starting Friday, ADM will participate in seven competitions–be they meets or invitationals–in just 18 days.

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