ADMThe ADM girls track team has a few days off before its second outdoor meet of the season, and while conditions for training haven’t been great this week, the Tigers have still been preparing for their single busiest stretch of the season.

That’s right, ADM has four meets next week, and head coach Bart Mueller has his girls’ hard at work with their preparation despite the poor conditions.

“We’re kind of in the mode now where unless it is wet and cold, if it is just cold and it’s just sprinkling, we’ll still be outside this week… at least for part of the practice.  I don’t like to go out there and have them standing around for an hour and a half when it is cold and rainy where they can get sick, but we really need to keep training at this point.”

The main reason Mueller wants to remain outside as much as possible is to prevent injury.

“You’re limited in what you can do indoors and you can even cause injuries by running in the hallways and on the little track upstairs with its curves, so for training purposes, we need to stay outside as much as possible even with the bad conditions.”

Mueller says he’s willing to deal with the less-than-ideal conditions as long as things clear up next week, when ADM is scheduled to compete on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

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