midwest partnershipThe RSVP window may have already closed for Western Iowa Advantage’s annual dinner next week, but Midwest Partnership still has some free tickets available for any Guthrie County residents interested in attending.

Western Iowa Advantage is an eight county economic development group encompassing Guthrie and surrounding counties.

Midwest Partnership Executive Director Chad Schreck is the Master of Ceremonies for the dinner, and he hopes area residents attend so they are able to realize the value of getting like-minded individuals together under one roof.

“A lot of times we get really zoned in on what’s happening in our own community, which is great and we need to start there obviously, but at the same time, what is happening in Greene County can trickle down and help us out in Guthrie County.  Then what’s happening in Guthrie County can help out in Adair County or Audubon County or Dallas County… all that can be beneficial.  The more activity that is happening directly around you gives you the more opportunities to experience the same thing in your own community, so getting in the same room (with those people) opens up doors.”

The Western Iowa Advantage dinner is being held next Tuesday, April 8th, at the Carrollton Centre on Highway 71 in Carroll.  To reserve a seat through one of the free tickets available, call Midwest Partnership at 515-523-1262.

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