The weather can prevent high school sports from taking place this time of year, and that could be the case today with a high probability of rain and temperatures on the cool side. The Greene County Rams are scheduled to take part in the Audubon Early Bird Meet for girls today. Greene County girls’ head coach Kelly Simpson told Raccoon Valley Radio that if the meet is held in Audubon today he wants to take a look at some relay combinations. “If we don’t get the Audubon meet in, the nice thing is we got two-thirds of our meet in on Monday, and that really helped us.”

The Greene County boys are scheduled for the Winterset Husky Relays on Friday in Winterset. Boys’ head coach Dean Lansman told Raccoon Valley Radio the Winterset meet goes really fast. “The nice thing about that meet is that you can take a few more kids. With the timing of it, you don’t get a lot of time necessarily to recover because they do run it off pretty quickly. Otherwise, if we don’t get Friday’s meet in, it’s another night to practice and get tuned up for next week. You’re still looking at what kids can run this time of year, so we’re looking for times. If we don’t get the Friday meet in, we’ll run some things in practice to get times on kids to give us a better idea of how to put things together.”


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