ADMTonight marks the final tune-up event for the ADM boys track team before one of its biggest competitions of the year this weekend… the Raccoon River Conference Meet in Adel.

With the boys running at Bondurant-Farrar this evening, head coach Mike Whisner previews Saturday’s meet in Adel by discussing his expectations.

“I really think what we’re shooting for is a top three finish.  We’ve been first or second many times over the years, and I think we have enough people to be right there pushing that top three.  Carroll’s got a pretty solid group, Boone has a really good group–especially in the distance races.  Then everybody else… Carlisle has some pretty good speed.  So, it’ll be a challenge (Saturday) but that’s what we want to shoot for is top three.”

The Tigers should have a good chance to live up to Coach Whisner’s expectations given how their times currently stack up against other conference foes.  ADM has a top-five time in 11 of the 18 events that will be part of the conference meet Saturday.

So that his Tigers are ready for conference, Whisner says his athletes will have a lighter load in their final regular season event this evening.

“We won’t run everybody and max them out on all their events.  The big thing is, be ready for Saturday, set PR (personal record), then we’ve got five days to train… work on some things, little things like blocks or form on the field events.  At this point, you’re pretty close to where you want to be.”

Close to where he wants his athletes to be is the key phrase there from Coach Whisner.  Last week’s poor weather threw track teams off all over the state as events were cancelled or postponed.

Thus, Whisner says he wants his ADM squad to use tonight to prep for Saturday with one goal in mind.

“We want to PR (personal record) on Saturday, and up to this point, we want to put our best times forward.  It’s at 10 o’clock in the morning and it’s at home.  So, that’s what I’ll tell the kids, ‘okay, you’re shooting for your PR on Saturday so work towards that’.”

For more information about how ADM’s top track times compare to their conference opponents heading into Saturday, CLICK HERE.

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