ADMWe heard from ADM boys track coach Mike Whisner yesterday as he gave us an extended preview of tomorrow’s Raccoon River Conference meet in Adel, so today, we do the same with girls track coach Bart Mueller.

With the big competition essentially a home meet for his Tiger girls, Coach Mueller explains what he’ll use as motivation to pump his girls up tomorrow morning.

“I think there are reasons to be motivated so we’ll try to tap into that.  Mother’s Day is coming up, so we can talk about that–running for your mom. Running for your teammates (too)–we’ve got seniors where these are some of their last meets, last conference meet.  It’s at home… So we’ve had a good season and we just hope this is one more step, one more opportunity to have another great thing happen this year.”

The opportunity for a great meet tomorrow is certainly there for Coach Mueller given how much his talented lineup has produced this season, but he also knows his Tigers need to be ready for a battle.

“I’ve looked at the lineup for Boone, I looked at their QuikStats times and it is just going to be blow for blow scoring points in these events.  They’ve got good sprinters, they’ve got good field event people–they’re going to beat us in the field events probably.  I think we’ll come back and counter that some with our 400s and 800s… So it’ll just be a good battle, but I’m hoping and expecting that we’ll come out on top.”

For the ADM girls to meet their coach’s high expectations tomorrow, Mueller gives us his key to the Tigers winning the Raccoon River Conference championship.

“The critical thing will be our second scores.  You know, Kari (Dufoe) is just so tough to beat in the 100 and 200 (meters), and that will continue I’m sure.  But then we’ve also got Madi Bertman running in the 100 and Torri Hook running the 200, and I think if those two girls can place in the top three or four, that’s huge.  Our 3,000 (meters), Brianna (Mueller) hasn’t run that a lot this year but she’s in that with Brennan Hook, and Brennan will be critical–I think they both have a shot at finishing in the top three… The second score is just really critical in all of those (events).”

To see how the ADM girls’ track times stack up against Boone’s times heading into tomorrow’s big conference meet, visit the link in this story at

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