perryThere will be several new teachers and staff members in the Perry Schools next fall after various staff members retire or resign from the district.

Superintendent Lynn Ubben says there are always different reasons why people choose to leave.

With several people retiring from Perry schools this year after decades in the district, we asked Ubben if she thinks educators are sticking around the same area as much today as they once did in the past. She said she wasn’t sure but location can be a factor.

“Sometimes it depends on where you are at.  We are close to Des Moines and the metro and so there are many opportunities in education within a half-hour to forty-five minutes” says Ubben.  “So I think that sometimes make a difference, having been in a smaller school at one time, that was probably forty-five minutes to an hour from a city of size, so I think that kind of makes a difference.”

Though being so close to a metropolitan area can also be a benefit because Ubben says many people, especially the younger crowd, want to be in close proximity to a larger city.

“We also attract people because we’re close to the metro, because a lot of young people will say ‘I’d really like to be close to a Des Moines or a Sioux City, or Waterloo, Cedar Falls, Cedar Rapids, a city of some size.  So you also get people that you would not normally get, applying.”

We’ll have more with Ubben on part two of our Let’s Talk conversation with her on KDLS during the 9am, noon and 5pm hours.

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