Greene Co. SupervisorsThe Greene County Board of Supervisors met yesterday in regular session.

During the open forum, Bob Ausberger asked the Board about forming a committee for the Lincoln Highway Interpretive Site.  Board Chair John Muir said the committee will be himself, Ausberger, Supervisor Mick Burkett and Conservation Director Dan Towers.  The committee will be in charge of the placement of several signs describing to motorists what each structure stands for at the site that’s located east of Grand Junction.

Ausberger also told the Board that Matt Hillmer with ISU Extension would be in the county this Wednesday to discuss reducing nutrient runoff from farm fields into creeks and rivers.

The Supervisors approved a local planning and administrative assistance contract with Regional XII Council of Governments for a Economic Development Set-Aside grant through the Community Development Block Grant for Scranton Manufacturing’s expansion project.

The Board also approved a proclamation declaring July as Organ Donor and Bone Marrow Awareness Month for the county and allowing MeLinda Madison with A Token of Love to use the courthouse grounds for her second annual donor awareness event that’s scheduled for Saturday, July 19th.

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