Perry Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Bob Wilson and President Mark Powell have been working for months to put together a new experience for local business leaders, and in a few weeks they invite everyone to come learn more about it

Wilson says the Business Design Lab concept is a peer-to-peer experience for all sectors of local business and non-profits.

“What we want to do is create an environment where they meet once a month for an extended period of time, four to five hours, moderated by Mike Wagner who came from the White Rabbit Group and gave a great presentation last year at La Poste.  To kind of solve problems, maybe just build a resource where they can kind of shoot ideas back and forth, solve some problems, see how we can keep progressing our business community.”

There will be a tuition charge to attend the program, but Wilson and Powell have been working to secure funding from a variety of local sources to help offset the cost.

Mike Wagner plans to make another trip to Perry on Thursday June 19th to hold an informational session about the program and explain the various benefits.

“It’s a good opportunity, you’ll hear a bunch more about it but please come.  Not only is it a neat opportunity for the businesses but a great opportunity I think for Perry on the (public relations) level because there’s never really been a program handled like this yet so I think the possibilities are there” adds Wilson.

The information session is expected to take place over the lunch hour next month.  We’ll bring you details once they are finalized.

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