Less than eleven percent of registered voters in Dallas County cast a ballot in Tuesday’s primary election.

Out of the 4,875 votes, only 500 of the ballots came from Democrats, likely due to the fact that the party had no contested races in the primary.

As a comparison, roughly 11.8 percent of voters turned out to the polls in last November’s city election, 7.8 percent of Perry voters cast a ballot in September’s school board election and around 10 percent of Dallas County’s registered voters went to the polls for the special election last August.

In the highly contested races, Dallas County mirrored the statewide results with Joni Ernst winning the Republican nomination race for U.S. Senate, followed by Sam Clovis and Mark Jacobs.

The majority of Dallas County voters also Brad Zaun to win the Republican nomination for U.S. House District 3, though Matt Schultz came in second place locally, followed by David Young where districtwide results show Robert Cramer behind Zaun, then followed by Schultz.

Since no candidates in the race were able to get the necessary 35 percent of votes to win the nomination outright… the Republican candidate will be decided in convention on June 21st in Creston.

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