Ham Radio Operators to Take Over Pattee Park this Weekend

The Hiawatha Amateur Radio Club will be taking over the Pattee Park shelter house this weekend.

It’s the group’s annual Amateur Radio Field Day event starting Saturday at 1pm and going on through the night.

The event is an opportunity for members of the public to learn about ham radio and its purpose.

City Administrator Butch Niebuhr says this is the third or fourth year the City Council has given HARC permission to use the park after hours for this purpose.  He says it’s a neat event that is worth checking out if you want to know more about how amateur radio works.

Non-licensed individuals will have the chance to make contact with other field day stations throughout the U.S. and Canada during the event.  There will also be a pot luck dinner at 5pm.

Anyone wanting more information can call President Bob Dittert 465-2383.

Senator Chapman Reacts to the 3rd District Nominating Convention

District 10 State Senator Jake Chapman says it was an honor to be part of a historic event this past week, where members of the Republican party chose who their nominee for the 3rd district seat in the U.S. House of Representatives race would be.

Since none of the candidates were able to secure 35% of the vote during the June 2nd primary election, it came down to a special nominating convention last weekend where 513 delegates chose the winner.

The process involves multiple ballots, where the candidate with the least number votes drops off and the votes continue until there’s only one person standing.  Ultimately, David Young was declared the victor which came as a shock to many.

“Everyone knows David Young wasn’t my first choice, but at the end of the day I am happy to support David Young, I think he’s going to make a great Representative in Washington D.C.  I think he’ll take our values, and all of the candidates were united in that whoever came out of there Saturday would be the guy that everyone supports.  So I’m happy about that, I really am” says Chapman.

Some people have expressed concern with the nominating process, saying it should be done another way.  Senator Chapman says he wouldn’t be surprised if different options are discussed in the future.

Young will face Democratic candidate Staci Appel in November’s general election.

Unemployment Rates Increase Slightly for Two of Three Local Counties

Unemployment rates in two of our three primary coverage areas increased in May.

According to Iowa Workforce Development, Dallas County’s unemployment rate stayed the same between April and May at 3.4 percent.

Greene County saw a significant increase in the number of residents without a job as the unemployment rate increased from 3.6 to 4.4 percent in May.

Guthrie County also saw an increase last month of 0.2 percent to 4.1 percent.

The statewide unemployment rate increased slightly to 4.4 percent in May.  The national unemployment rate is currently 6.3 percent.

Perry Police to Participate in Special Traffic Enforcement Wave

The Perry Police Department is just one agency in the area taking part in the upcoming Independence Day special Traffic Enforcement Program.

Funded by the Governor’s Traffic Safety Bureau and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the sTEP program gives law enforcement agencies money to have more officers on the streets during times busy travel times throughout the year.

A total of 250 city, county and state departments are taking part in the program July 1st through the 7th.  Officers will be looking for impaired drivers and those not wearing their seatbelts.

Last year, there were six traffic fatalities during the 4th of July weekend, three of which being alcohol related.

Wet Week in the Raccoon River Valley Area

We’re still drought free across the Raccoon River Valley area, in fact two of our local weather reporting areas have already received more than the normal monthly amount of rain this June.

According to the National Weather Service, Perry received 1.53 inches of rain this past week for a total of 5.69 inches this month.  That’s over half an inch more than the normal amount received in June of 5.12 inches.

Guthrie Center received 1.83 inches this week, adding to the four inches they had before, which amounts to 0.67 inch more than the normal monthly total.

Jefferson received just under an inch of rain this week, they are currently 0.6 inches shy of the normal monthly amount of 4.99 inches.

All rainfall amounts are for precipitation received through Wednesday, June 25th.

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