The Greene County area has experienced six thunderstorm warnings in less than 24-hours with little damage reported.

During the first round of storms that started at 7:30pm on Sunday, the City of Paton reported a few trees and branches blown over.

Then today’s storms brought hail and more trees falling over in several parts of the County.  Chief Deputy Sheriff Jack Williams says in Paton and Churdan, there were several trees and branches blown over due to the high winds and downpouring rain.  He adds that Grand Junction was the only area to report hail.  Williams notes that the golfball sized hail has done property and vehicle damage.

Sheriff Steve Haupert says that there wasn’t any visible damage from the southern two-thirds of the County but adds that there is the potential for flash flooding and water to all of a sudden appear across the roadway.  He urges anyone who observes water crossing the roadway to report that information to the Law Enforcement Center.

Abbey Sprague, a spokesperson with Midland Power Cooperative reports that there are 119 customers in Greene County that are experiencing power outages with several downed power lines across the County.  She states that if anyone sees a downed power line to call their service provider.  Only three Alliant Energy customers of the 3,433 in the County are without power.

Haupert adds that if anyone in Greene County experienced any damage from these recent storms, needs to contact the LEC in Jefferson and make a damage report with them at 386-2136.

To view a video from today’s storms in Jefferson, click HERE.

Raccoon Valley Radio will bring you more information as it becomes official.

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