Greene County sports teams are used to being “on the bubble” when it comes to which class they’ll compete in during the postseason. For example, the Rams moved up from Class 2A to 3A in football for 2014 and ’15. In volleyball, the Rams are a Class 3A program in a sport that  has five classes of competition. In cross-country, a sport with four classes for both girls and boys, the Rams are inching closer to moving up to 3A, but remain a 2A program for the 2014 postseason.

Enrollment figures taken last fall are used to determine which class an athletic program competes in this fall. Greene County has an enrollment figure of an even 300 for cross-country, which it does not share with any other districts. South Tama County (Tama) has an enrollment figure of 307 and the Trojans are in 3A. Greene County isn’t the only large 2A that close to moving up a class. Eastern Iowa schools Waukon, Oelwein, and Union (La Porte City) are at 303, 302, and 301, respectively, proving that an increasing or decreasing enrollment, if even by just a few students, can be the difference in moving up or down a class when it comes to athletics.

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