Poultry Contestants, all participants earned purple ribbons: (L-R) Lucas Fisher(Senior Champion), Jack Schilling, Megan Palmer,  Eliot Schilling and Conner Allender

Lucas Fisher 2015 Poultry Senior Champion Jack Schilling Poultry  Megan Palmer Poultry  Elliot Schilling Poultry  Conner Allender Poultry

4-H Club Booths

Greenbrier Booth  Junction Food Producers  Hardin Clovers  Cedar Highland  Junction Jets  Raccoon Valley Innovators  Hardin Happy Hustlers  Cose Horse  Scranton Barn Stormers  Washington Winners


4-H Static Exhibit State Fair Selections and Outstanding 4th Grade Exhibits:

State Fair Qaulifiers  Outstanding 4th grade exhibits


4-H Swine Participants:

Swine Show pic 1  Swine Show pic 2  Swine Show pic 3



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