Linden Daze is celebrating its 10th anniversary this weekend. Organizer Judy Hutchins is proud of how the event’s grown over the past decade. Those in attendance will enjoy many activities including a car show, softball tournament, live music and good food. Hutchins says the grand finale of Linden Daze continues to be the always interesting round of cowpie bingo. “We’ll put our cow into the square, where we have our cowpie bingo. That has been going on for ten years. It’s five dollars for a square and whatever square the cow decides to ‘do it’s thing on’, then that square’s owner is the winner and they win one hundred dollars.”

Hutchins will tell us more about Linden Daze today on Let’s Talk Guthrie County. It airs during the 9 a.m., noon and 5 p.m. hours on K107.9 and www.raccoonvalleyradio.com.

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