2016 State Fair Static Exhibit qualifiersStatic Exhibit State Fair Qualifiers

Ag and Natural Resources:

Grace Curtis


Jaron Thompson

Creative Arts:

Justin Stream

Ariel Mills

Paige Teeples

Megan Brincks

Eliot Schilling

Arthur Bardole

Madison Hall

Emily Heupel

Kara Betts

Samantha Hardaway

Family and Consumer Science:

Natalie Heupel (2x’s)

Jared Marshall

Gwen Black

Ethan Frederick

Kayla Muir

Jaron Thompson

Amie Schroeder

Samantha Hardaway

Emily Finch

Ashlyn Frederick

Hannah Curtis (2x’s)

Emma Larson

Personal Development:

Arthur Bardole (2x’s)

Emily Heupel

Samantha Hardaway

Joseph Thompson

Science, Engineering and Technology:

Joseph Thompson (2x’s)

Jacob Thompson

Arthur Bardole


Dog Agility Results from (7/12/16)

Advanced Beginner Agility:

Kassie Lamoureux-Lacee (German Shepherd)-Purple

Conner Allender-Midnight (Australian Shepherd)-Purple

Intermediate Agility:

Samantha Hardaway-Storm (Labrador)-Purple

Brian Hardaway-Striker (Springer Spaniel)-Blue

Costume Class:

Grace Hardaway-Phantom (McNab Border Collie)-Grand Champion

Brian Hardaway-Striker (Spring Spaniel)-Reserve Grand Champion

Susan Mills-Peanut (Chihuahua)-Purple

Trey Schilling-Dolly (Jack Russell Terrier)-Purple

Autumn Consier-Scooby (Siberian Husky)-Purple

Conner Allender-Midnight (Australian Shepherd)-Purple


Outstanding 4th Grade Static Exhibits:

Jackson Turner

Grace Hardaway

Ava Schilling

Cody Allen


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