Static Exhibit Results:

State Fair Qualifiers:

Home Improvement

Samantha Hardaway-(Softball Planter)

Hannah Curtis-(Pom-Pom Rug)

Kara Betts-(Organized Taskboard)

Emily Finch-(Bench)

Arthur Bardole-(Plant Stand)

Food and Nutrition

Ashley Frederick-(Italian Cream Cake)

Emma Larson-(GF-Lemon Cake)

Katrina Heupel-(Classic Cone)

Avery Bardole-(Granola Bars)

Gavin Scheuermann-(Cornbread)

Chloe Berns-(Dinner Rolls)


Lauryn Killion-(Chipmunk)

Gavin VaderLinden-(Courthouse Rotunda)

Aubrey Heupel-(Baseball Game)

Gwen Black-(Spilled Paint)

Afton Funcke-(Storm Series)

Creative Arts-Visual Arts

Kara Betts-(Oven Baked Clam Bowls)

Nia Killion-(Charcoal Horse Drawing)

Lauryn Killion-(Memory Pony)

Jack Schilling-(SciFi Helmet)

Personal Development

Arthur Bardole-(It Gets Better)

Jack Schilling-(Promo Video)

Emily Heupel-(16-17 Council)

Clothing, Sewing and Needle Arts

Hannah Curtis-(Quilt)

Kara Reed-(Quilt)

Natalie Heupel-(Constructed Dinos)

Emily Heupel-(Sewn Boys PJ)

Ilse Hooper-(Dress)

Science, Engineering and Technology

Hannah Curtis-(Telescope)

Jacob Thompson-(Crafts Deere) and (Foundry Rey)

Animal and Horticulture

Noble Hoyt-(Lambing Experience Notebook)

Arthur Bardole-(Plants as Natural Pest)

Family and Consumer Science

Grace Curtis-(Child Development)

Bailey Anderson-(Child Development)

Amie Schroeder-(Health)

4th Grade Outstanding Exhibits (Not Eligible for State Fair)

Ely Booth-(Family and Consumer Science)

Braeden Turner-(Woodworking)

Elise Badger-(Family and Consumer Science)

Kayla Frederick-(Family and Consumer Science) and (Science and Beginning Technology)

Leah Hill-(Animal Science)

Taylor Kaufman-(Food and Nutrition)

Violet Reedy-(Family and Consumer Science)


Dog Costume Class

Brian Hardaway-Purple Ribbon

Grace Hardaway-Purple Ribbon

Conner Allender-Purple Ribbon


Beginner Dog Agility

Jackson Turner-Purple Ribbon

Trey Schilling-Purple Ribbon

Grace Hardaway-Purple Ribbon


Intermediate Dog Agility

Samantha Hardaway-Purple Ribbon

Brian Hardaway-Red Ribbon

Conner Allender-Purple Ribbon