Fun Horse Show Results

Cart Class 1st place: Megan Brincks

Costume Class 1st place: Lauren Klocke

Hand Trail 1st place: Megan Brincks


Senior Barrels 1st place: Caitlin Schaben

Senior Barrels 2nd place: Madison Brincks

Intermediate Barrels 1st place: Ashlyn Frederick

Intermediate Barrels 2nd place: Julia Follett

Junior Barrels 1st place: Lauren Klocke

Junior Barrels 2nd place: Leah Hill

Senior Poles 1st place: Madison Brincks

Senior Poles 2nd place: Nickolas Killion

Intermediate Poles 1st place: Eliot Schilling

Intermediate Poles 2nd place: Ashlyn Frederick

Junior Poles 1st place: Lauren Klocke

Junior Poles 2nd place: Emma Halterman


Communications Working Exhibit State Fair Qualifiers

Bailey Anderson-Doily Sheep

Natalie and Katrina Heupel-Maraccas

Emily Heupel and Samantha Hardaway-Koolaid Chapstick


Share the Fun-Clay County Fair Qualifiers

Brian Hardaway, Grace Hardaway, Madison Hall and Kassie Lamoureux-Greene County Clover Clowns