Perry School Board 2-12

Work on the Dewey Field renovation is looking more substantial nowadays, and the entire Perry School District is abuzz about the project.

Superintendent Clark Wicks says the latest development is the block for the concession stand arrived, and should be installed this week. That will then kick off an assortment of other activity, and Wicks believes the excitement about the project will continue to grow from there. “So as people go by there, take a look at the progress, the walls will start going up. And then shortly thereafter some of the groundwork will be done, and start to lay a little cement and get that plaza going.”

Wicks adds, the project is currently on schedule to be ready on August 24th, in spite of some setbacks due to the weather. As far as the fundraising goes, the project recently got a boost in the form of around $18,000 raised at the “Go Big, Go Blue” event hosted by Hotel Pattee. Wicks was pleased by the turnout for the fundraiser, as well as the generosity of the attendees. “It really made you think how lucky we are here in Perry to see the number of supporters. And it is really a pleasure to see so many people that feel good enough about the Blue Jays and Jayettes to support it. I think people want to be part of that Dewey renovation project, and see that plaza, and see that Blue Jay and Jayette pride continue.”

Wicks says the next push for the fundraising efforts will be to reach out to alumni throughout the country. So far they’ve raised over $182,000 of their $300,000 goal for phase one of the project.