RAGBRAI Meeting 7_10The Register’s Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa (RAGBRAI) officials met with Jefferson RAGBRAI committees for a final time Tuesday.

It was mentioned that about 800 people had been placed for housing and about another 90 registered riders still needed a place to stay for when RAGBRAI makes its overnight stop in Jefferson on July 23rd. There are about 115 volunteers that have signed up, but more are needed to help with the beverage garden, setting up and tearing down the stage for the musical entertainment, campgrounds and transportation. There are also going to be about 26 vendors around the downtown square, including 18 outside of Greene County that have registered.

RAGBRAI Director TJ Juskiewicz is impressed with how the plans are coming together and urges everyone to step up and help out hosting over 30,000 riders from 20 different countries represented in this year’s RAGBRAI.

“Great experience on the committee with some people that don’t have the experience but have incredible enthusiasm and a deep love of their community. So when you have that combination of experience, and enthusiasm and love of your community, you can’t go wrong. I know it’s going to come together and get ready for one of the premier festivals in Iowa.”

The Mahanay Memorial Carillon Tower will be open late on the 23rd until 9pm and people can pay $10 from 10am to 4pm to play a song live on the 48-bells, with help from an instructor. Then on the morning of July 24th, the cyclists will leave Jefferson on Lincoln Way heading toward Grand Junction, and will make their way north on Highway 144 to Dana and then over to Boone County on County Road E-26.