The start of competition for the 2018-19 high school sports year at Greene County HS is still a couple of weeks away, but activities director and head football coach Mitch Moore told Raccoon Valley Radio he’s seen many of the school’s male and female athletes turn the corner. “As we went through this year and kept trying to figure out how to make our process better than it was, we figured out who were the tough ones, who believed in what we were doing, who’s going to be consistent in their workouts, and then, who are the ones who will go to class and get good grades, will treat people right, are going to do community service. As that group went from five to 10, to 20, to about 40 kids now, I think our coaches kept saying week by week, ‘OK, here we are, we’re getting better!”

The Rams are practicing in football, cross-country, and volleyball, and some female students from here are traveling to Boone to swimming practice under an athletic sharing agreement.