U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley speaks at Ray Bubba Sorensen’s fundraiser event in Greenfield.

The Corner coffee shop in Greenfield was packed Wednesday evening for a fundraiser featuring Ray Bubba Sorensen, the Republican nominee for Iowa’s House District 20 seat. Over 50 people gathered to enjoy some ice cream and listen to a few dignitaries speak.

The speaker set was highlighted by U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley. During his speech, Grassley touched on the nomination process for President Donald Trump’s latest Supreme Court Justice pick, Brett Kavanaugh. Grassley says the process should be moving right along, but is being slowed down by the sheer number of documents certain members of Congress are asking to review. Grassley believes it’s simply a tactic led by Congressional Democrats to delay proceedings until the election.

“They (Democratic Party Congressional representatives) wouldn’t sign a letter with me because they wanted to stall. They wanted more documents. We’ve got plenty of information on this guy…So this argument about needing millions more pages because your (Kavanaugh) a White House Staff Secretary is meaningless…I think you can see the game that’s going on there and we aren’t going to let it happen.”

Grassley says the target date for Kavanaugh’s confirmation is October 1st. Other speakers included Grassley’s grandson and District 50 Representative Pat Grassley, outgoing District 20 Representative Clel Baudler, and District 10 Senator Jake Chapman. Sorensen will face Democratic nominee Warren Varley of Stuart in the general election in November.