Thursday, September 13th

1:17am: An officer located an Open Door at 1108 North Elm Street. The officer secured the business.

1:29am: An officer secured an Open Door at 610 North Elm Street.

1:41am: An officer located a group of subjects standing in the 600 Block of South Maple Street, who began to run as the officer approached them. The officer located one subject a short time later and spoke with him. The subject would not supply the names of the others in the group and advised he ran because they all did. The subject was advised to go home for the evening.

2:59am: Brain Mobley reported a loud vehicle at 605 West State Street. The officer spoke to a subject in the area about the complaint.

6:22am: An officer was advised of a homeless couple sleeping in the restroom at Kelso Park. The officer advised the couple to leave and advised they would be arrested in the future for being in the park after hours.

6:37am: An officer checked on the business at 216 East State Street after noticing several doors open. The business owner had opened earlier than usual and all was fine.

11:08am: Officers assisted the Wild Rose casino in towing an Abandoned Vehicle from 777 Wild Rose Lane.

11:51am: The White Oak Station advised of a male minor attempting to purchase a “Juhl” vapor product. The officer is investigating. Vaping products can not be purchased or possessed by state law.

12:24pm: Jenn Ashby requested officers at 108 East Central Avenue, lot 66 for an argument with her boyfriend. The officer worked to end the issue.

2:47pm: Jackie Cram requested officers at 402 East Monroe Street for an unruly teen. The officers spoke to the parties and helped diffuse the situation before leaving.

3:53pm: Annette Russell reported a vehicle leaving 508 North Elm Street. Russell believed a female passenger was possibly having a medical issue. The officers did not locate the vehicle.

5:43pm: An officer assisted parents with taking a juvenile female from the 900 Block of North Pinet Street to ER to be evaluated by a medical doctor.

6:20pm: Gary Schiltz reported a Loud Music Complaint in the 800 Block of West Monroe Street. The officer did not locate any music in the area.

6:45pm: Oly’s Corner reported two males arguing at 208 West Lincoln Way Street. Both parties had departed the area before the officer’s arrival.

7:41pm: An officer checked on a Business Alarm Activation at 300 American Drive. Employees were present and all was fine.

10:34pm: An officer located two Open Storage Units at 408 East Hwy. 30. He made contact with the owner of the units and learned the owner had not been there in some time. It was reported to the officer that items were missing from the unit. The officer is investigating.

Note: All charges are merely an accusation. All defendants are presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty.